Great White Shark (Sativa) by High Voltage Extracts


The folks at Greenhouse Seeds crossed their award-winning White Widow, a mix of Brazilian and South Indian indica, with Super Skunk to get another award winner. Great White Shark tests at 14.9% THC and 0.81% CBD, according to the breeder. Other sources online say the buds have an earthy, fruity, spicy flavor profile.
Greenhouse says Great White Shark is 80% indica, leading to its short, bushy growth and relatively short flowering cycle indoors or outdoors. It does well with Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (ScrOG) techniques and delivers a good yield. Great White Shark has strong relaxation and pain relief effects that linger, according to the breeder. The strain won second place in Bio at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup in 1997, second place in Best Cannabis at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, and first place in Hydro-Seedbanks at the Highlife Cup in 2005.


Effects: Happy

Flavours: Diesel

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Terps & THC: Derived from live fresh plants, purged low and slow.

Go for the “full plant experience”! High Voltage Extract’s Sauce captures more unique terpenes and cannabinoids than any other extraction method!


High Voltage Extracts

High Voltage Extracts is a small group dedicated to providing you with pure, potent medicinal extracts of unparalleled aroma and flavor. Their concentrates are made from flower grown on Vancouver Island and a small group are responsible for extractions, packaging and distribution. They are involved in every step in the path to providing you with unique, high quality live resins, sauces, cartridges and edibles; all made from live, fresh flower.

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